Group members

More information about the current members of the group can be found on the People’s page.

We encourage prospective PhD students or PDRAs to get in touch with Prof Peeters for queries around funding – we have 2 open PhD positions at the University of Manchester for a start date in September or October 2024.


Dr Pankaj Singla (April 2021 – current) – PDRA working on USDA funded project

Dr Oliver Jamieson (December 2021 – current) – RA on EPSRC/NIHR project on monitoring of levodopa

Saweta Garg (April 2022 – current) – RA in Biosensors

Alexander Stokes (Aug 2023- current) – RA in Device Engineering

PhD students

Amy Dann, started 1st July 2022 on USDA project for norovirus detection, with co-supervisors Dr McClements, Prof Geoghegan, Dr Seyedin

Jack Reeder, EPSRC CDT funded studentship started October 2020, with Dr Elizabeth Heidrich and Dr Matt Unthank from Northumbria University

Co-supervisor of Rachel Lee (PI Prof Mark Geoghegan), started October 2020

Co-supervisor of Callum Johnson (PI Dr Clare Mahon at Durham University), via MosMed CDT, started October 2021

Co-supervisor of Michelle Lim (PI Dr Shoba Amarnath), started in January 2022.

Co-supervisor of Patryk Wojciak (PI Dr Shayan Seyedin), started in October 2022.

MEng/MSc students:

Former: Richard Ferris, Qi Cui, Ellen Kirkup, Chris Robinson, Brandon Clark, Henry Ostler, Thomas McLean


Visiting: Prof Divya Ottoor (Aug 2023 – January 2024) – Savitribai Phule Pune University, visiting via SERB SIRE scheme

Postdoctoral researchers:

Dr Josh McClements (2023-2024), EPSRC IAA funded project on detection of cardiac biomarkers.

Dr Jake McClements (October 2020 – April 2023). Jake is currently a NuAcT fellow at Newcastle University and has established his own group. A short video of Jake’s work can be found here:

Dr Francesco Mecozzi, working on consultancy and KTP associate (2018 – February 2022)

Dr Patrick Seumo, RSC Research Mobility (October 2020 – February 2021)

Dr Alexander Hudson (July 2018 – September 2020)

Dr Robert Crapnell (2018 – 2019, NC3Rs funded project) currently PDRA working under Prof Banks at Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Kamrul Islam (2018) joint supervision with Prof Slevin and Dr Fang

Masters by Research (1 year research project):

Negar Mansouri (2018) – currently PhD student at the University of Sheffield

Thomas Dunbar (2018) with  Dr. Macia-Ruiz as co-supervisor.

PhD students:

Dr Oliver Jamieson, obtained his PhD in summer 2022, currently working as PDRA in the group

Dr Kai Betlem, obtained his PhD in September 2019, currently working at TU Delft

Dr Pankaj Singla (visiting PhD student Guru Nanak Dev University – September until Dec 2018), current PDRA in the group

Sarbjeet Kaur, PhD student frrom Guru Nanak Dev University who was in Newcastle (2022-2023) via the Splitsite Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme

Erasmus students

Timothy Goris, Hogeschool Utrecht (2016), Simone Casadio, University of Bologna (April until July 2016), Sacha Hoksbergen Hogeschool Utrecht (September 2017 – February 2018), Gloria Parokkie (August-December 2021).

Students from University Paris: Francois Nguyen and Taejun Lim (2017), Romain Raimbault and Ismail Sadiki (2018)

Students from Universidade de Sao Paulo: Jorge Ueta Tadashi (2016), Raquel Debroi (2017), Heitor Valarini (2018), Beatriz Andrade de Faria (2018), Thais Soares (2019), Felipe Sousa die Vieira (2020), Leonardo de Faria Figueiredo & Ana Vilalela Strapazon (2021), Milena Schmidt Silva, Luiza Machado Kreti and Henrique Kenichi Noguchi (2022), Gustavo Eiji Kaya and Fernanda Arantes (autumn 2022), Luiza Janeiri, Giovana Luduvice and Isabela Belapetravicius (2023), Elina Wu Gruber and Giulia Aparecida Simoni de Carmo (2024).

Summer students : 

RSC Analytical Trust: Louise Ng (2022 – Climate Leadership Scholarship from Newcastle University), Ellen Kirkup (2021 – supervised by Jake McClements), Ella-Louise Handley (2019), Dean Roberts (2018), Jessica Pimlott (2017)

Summer students: Lily Brenann-Jones (2021), Aqib Asghar (2018),  Joe Lowdon (2016)