Dr Marloes Peeters

Marloes Peeters
Dr Marloes Peeters

I graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands) with a degree in Chemistry & Chemical Engineering. For my PhD, I moved to research institute IMO/IMOMEC in Belgium where I was part of the BIOSensors group of prof. Wagner. Part of my research involved the synthesis of synthetic polymeric receptors, while the other part was related to the detection of biomolecules. After finishing my PhD, I continued as a postdoctoral researcher within the same group to develop a novel thermal detection method for measurements of both small molecules and proteins in complex matrices (for instance, human blood plasma or saliva). In 2014, I started working at the organic chemistry group at Queen Mary University of London in order to get experience with ‘natural’ receptors, in this case enzymes. Now, mid 2015, I moved to my current position as a lecturer in Chemical Biology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Here I would like to combine my expertise of thermal detection methods with functionalization strategies of enzymes.

Contact details:


Manchester Metropolitan University, Chester Street, M1 5GD, Manchester

Room Number: E427

Tel: 0161 247 1450



EPSRC New Investigator Award: EP/R029296/1: £202,000. 2 year project for a PDRA and PhD student with as title: Development of thermal sensors for the detection of antimicrobial resistance

NC3Rs (Medial Research Council): £49,910 for project together with MIP Diagnostics. 9 month project dedicated to the development of sensors for the thermal detection of cardiovascular biomarkers. More information can be found on: https://www.nc3rs.org.uk/new-sensor-platform-combining-plastic-antibodies-simple-thermal-detection-0

RSC:  bursary from Materials Division for organization Bioinspired Materials Symposium), RSC bursaries  to attend IUPAC General Assembly and Conference in Brazil and for summer students (Analytical Trust 2017 and 2018). RSC Research Fund (£3500) for starting academics.

British Council/Newton Fund: £10k for hosting visiting Indian scholar Pankaj Singla (August – November 2017)

Royal Society: participation in Royal Society pairing scheme 2017, paired with civil servant Ben Rayner (DEFRA)

Internal: Engineering Materials Research Center (PhD  Kai Betlem, equipment grant)

Faculty (Co-I PhD student with Silvia Tedesco as DoS, staff incentivisation award, staff mobility award through Erasmus scheme)

Professional Activities

Associate Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Member of IUPAC and Society for Molecular Imprinting

MMU Roles

Unit Leader for Biological Processes & Pharmaceutical Chemistry (2nd year)

From 2018 onwards: placement tutor

Centre lead for theme Sensors of Advanced Materials Centre and responsible for coordination of early career researchers