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Our latest article discusses a thermal biosensing platform for the detection of bacteria and small organic molecules. We have managed to successfully detect a library of 6 different bacteria and, in the future, we will be looking at bacteria with antimicrobial resistant properties. For small molecules, we have developed a novel method (coating of thermocouples with polylactic acid) that is a first step towards in-vivo measurements.

Biomimetic Bacterial Identification Platform Based on Thermal Wave Transport Analysis (TWTA) through Surface-Imprinted Polymers 

Maastricht Science Programme, Maastricht University, P.O. Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht, The Netherlands
§ Soft-Matter Physics and Biophysics Section, Department of Physics and Astronomy, KU Leuven, Celestijnenlaan 200 D, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium
# Faculty of Science and Engineering, School of Science and the Environment, Division of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Manchester Metropolitan University, Chester Street, Manchester M1 5GD, United Kingdom
ACS Infect. Dis., 2017, 3 (5), pp 388–397
DOI: 10.1021/acsinfecdis.7b00037
Publication Date (Web): April 7, 2017
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