Publications & Awards

New publications will be added onto this page, divided into scientific (journal, books) publications and media publications.


Poster prize 2021: Saweta Garg (best poster prize at the 6th edition of the Bioinspired Materials conference)

Poster prizes 2018: Pankaj Singla (Advion poster prize, Mercia meeting at ManchesterMet)

Dr. Alexander Hudson (best ManchesterMet poster prize at Bioinspired Materials 2018)

Dr Kai Betlem (Manchester Metropolitan University, Science & Engineering symposium 2018).

SciCommunication Award 2017 from Manchester Metropolitan University (Marloes Peeters), for her science communication activities and work for Women in STEM

Best oral presentation prize at the Graduate Student Symposium on Molecular Imprinting, Imperial College, 2011,  Marloes Peeters.